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Absorbent Paper Points.
- are made of highest quality absorbent paper.
- have flexibility with firmness for easy introduction into the root
canal and very high absorbent ratio. ...
Min. Order: 100 boxes

1. One file system
Motion: Continuous rotation

2. Item code

A. 25#
B. 21mm, 25mm, 29mm

Simple operation
FOB Price: US $30 / blisters
Min. Order: 100 blisters
A. Super smooth and bright surface
B. Reduce the friction between archwires and brackets
C. Accelerate teeth correction
D. Super-Elastic and Heat-Activated Low Friction ...
Min. Order: 100 packs
It is made of special Nickel-Titanium alloy, which can decrease differences between loading force and unloading force of archwires obviously. After being put into brackets slot, it ...
Min. Order: 100 packs
Stainless steel archwires have large force and they can line up teeth quickly. They are used for patients with severe dental arch deformation in early correction period.

A. ...
Min. Order: 100 packs
Lingual archwires are designed and adapted precisely to the lingual anatomy, which meet the needs of modern lingual treatment. They are produced in the popular "Mushroom" shape ...
Min. Order: 100 packs
A. Super-Elastic
B. Sizes: 0.012", 0.014", 0.016", 0.018", 0.020"
C. Packing: 1piece/pack
D. 5 meters long
Min. Order: 100 packs

1. It is made of special niti materials. X-file allows you to achieve a fully tapered canal with fewer files.

2. Item code

3. Recommended speed and torque: ...
FOB Price: US $36 / boxes
Min. Order: 100 boxes

1. Suitable for narrow curved canals

Motion: Reciprocating

Regreesive taper design t oprevent unnecessary loss of tooth substance in the coronal part

Similar to ...
FOB Price: US $30 / box
Min. Order: 100 boxes

1. One file system

Motion: Reciprocating

Similar to Dentsply′s Waveone system

2. Item code

3. Instructions

Pathway to Simple, Safe & Successful ...
FOB Price: US $36 / box
Min. Order: 100 boxes

1. Used for Retreatment or removal of fillings

Motion: Continuous rotation

Similar to Dentsply′s Protaper Universal Retreatment files system

2. Item code

FOB Price: US $30 / boxes
Min. Order: 100 boxes

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